E Cigs: Smoking Gets a Twenty-First Century Makeover

Smoking at one point was the hip thing to do in the twentieth century. It would not be uncommon for many of the movie stars of old to light up on screen, and people just wanted to imitate them. That got a lot of people hooked. However, after the U.S. Surgeon General announced that smoking caused cancer, in addition to other adverse health consequences, people realized that there was a cost to being trendy. However, technology has become hip in this century, and the new tech friendly way of smoking, e cigs, is rapidly catching on.

Electronic cigarettes ditch the tobacco entirely with a high tech solution of delivering the nicotine that so many smokers crave. Instead of wearing annoying patches or chewing specialized gum, they can actually smoke the nicotine without all the harmful chemicals such as tar that reside in traditional cigarettes. This allows them to look cool and feel cool while avoiding many of the negative health consequences associated with smoking tobacco based products.

Here is how it works. A person buys a e cig delivery device which is usually made out of plastic and contains a rechargeable battery and other electronics. One can then go out and buy one of many different disposable nicotine liquid cartridges. These are usually referred to as e liquids. The e-liquid cartridges are inserted into the device. When the person wants to smoke, one just takes a puff (which will often automatically switch the device on, depending on the model) and an electric current will vaporize a portion of the e liquid. The smoker then gets nicotine delivered to his or her mouth while clear water vapor comes out the end.

There are several other advantages to electronic smoking on top of the existing health benefits. The first is that the disposable liquids provide a much cheaper habit than tobacco. We all know that governments love to tax cigarettes into the ground. Everyone seems to hate the tobacco companies when it comes to election time. As a result, the price of a pack of cigarettes has become outrageous in most Western nations. In contrast, e liquids can cost as little as one seventh the price of tobacco when compared on an apples to apples basis. That is money right back in your pocket.

Additionally, there are a lot of other headaches that smokers run into that they will never have to deal with when making the switch to e cigs. Many indoor establishments completely ban smoking now. However, that ban only extends to smoking tobacco products, not electronic cigarettes. Most e cig smokers can thus light up with impunity in their favorite establishments now. They no longer need to go outside in the middle of dinner or watch their friends not so subtly cough when they light up.

Traditional cigarettes are now old school. It is time to catch the growing wave of e cigarette users if you want to remain trendy. You might even increase your life expectancy at the same time.

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